Addition to the TORO range of front mounted mowers


Addition to the TORO range of front mounted mowers


Following the last year’s introduction of the TORO disk front mower with pushed hitch, we are have introduced the following two models: TORO 260 and TORO 340. The Toro front mowers are very light and enable energy savings thanks to compact design and spring unloading. Unloading is executed using precisely selected springs due to which the mower follows the ground perfectly and protects the turf. To enable the best ground following effects, the tractor should have a front three-point hydraulic system with flow function enabled.




Type TORO 260 TORO 340
Working width [m] 2,60 3,40

Transport width [m]

2,60 3,40
Swath width [m] ~ 0,90 - 1,10 ~ 1,80
Working capacity [ha/h] ~ 2,80 ~ 4,00
Number of discs / knives [szt.] 6 / 12 8 / 16
RPM 1000
3-point hitch cat. II
Power demand [HP] od 60 od 85
Weight [kg] 640 850
PTO shaft

tractor - mower: with friction clutch

built-in: with overrunning clutch

Single rubber swath guide [pcs.] 2 -
Double rubber swath guide [pcs.] - 2


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