IBIS 150 Broyeur avec bac récupérateur




Type IBIS 150 IBIS 150 UP
Largeur de travail [m] 1.50 1.50

Rendement [ha/h]

~1.00 ~1.00
Raccords hydrauliques nécessaires 2 x double effet 2 x double effet
Nombre de couteaux [pcs.] 50 50
Nombre de contre-couteaux [rangée] 1 1
PDF 540 540
Puissance du tracteur [cv] à partir de 35 à partir de 35
Capacité du container [m3]
0.90 0.90
Cat attelage 3 points. I I
Diamètre max branches coupées [mm] 35 35
Arbre à cardan tracteur - broyeur: avec embrayage tracteur - broyeur: avec embrayage
Poids [kg] 385 490


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Mower IBIS 150 expands the offer of flail mowers with containers. The mower is a light-weight class flail mower (385kg) and is fitted with a collecting container enabling simultaneous mowing and collecting the material in one place owing to the application of hydraulic discharge function. An interesting innovation brought to the IBIS mower is application of scarifying knives which are intended for use on football pitches providing special cure to the ground and thus letting more oxygen in. Optionally the machine can be extra equipped with a plastic container to reduce the machine weight by 50 kg, and therefore its pressure on the ground.
Flail shaft is powered by belt gear and 3 V-belts of XPA class. The belt gear is equipped with automatic belt tensioning function to ensure silent and safe operation while reducing frequency of maintenance works. The machine has been also equipped with front support wheels, hardened sliding skids protecting the machine while driving onto an obstacle, ground following bar enabling working height adjustment, and road lights.






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