Type PSS 302 Safe / H
Working width min. / max. [cm] 300 / 265
Transport width min. / max. [cm] 314 / 300
Shield’s height [cm 98
Number of the clearing bars (pcs) 4
Protection Inclined clearing bars
Mounting type Plate EN 15432 F1 (DIN 76060 - A)
Electric power supply version with H Power 24 V -c onnection to accumulator
Angle of attack 10°
Hydraulic turning angle right and left up to 30°
Needed hydraulic connectors version without H 4 (2 - pair) (PSS without H), Power 24 V
Dimensions [cm] Length / width / height 178 / 315 / 98
Weight [kg]

790 / 810

Due to its strategy of continuous development, SaMASZ reserves the right to change technical data at any time and without any notice. All operational data and graphical materials found at our website are for reference only. Some of the equipment items are optional and not included in the standard equipment. For more details concerning warranty, safety and products, please contact your local SaMASZ dealer.

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Technical Details


- Own lifting system
- Rolled shield
- hydraulically steered shield
- Plate EN 15432 F1 + F2, DIN 76060
- Clearing bar at choice - Electric connection 24 V
- Road lights
- LED lights 12 V or 24 V
- Protection against snow throwing Support leg
- Safety bumper
- Powder painting
- Additional rubber or steel bar
- Steering unit with oil pump
- DIN 76060 plate
- Support wheels – cpl.
- Slides – cpl.
- Küper slides – cpl.


PSS Safe and PSS Safe H truck plows are designed to be mounted on trucks and special vehicles equipped with municipal linkage. They have spring safety device of clearing bar (turnable springs) which makes them resistant to hitting protruding objects of the ground operated on. PSS Safe H in contrast to PSS Safe has own, indpenedent hydraulic assembly, designed to operate with trucks without their own hydraulics.






Tractor snow plows - municipal PSS Safe owing to their parameters are optimal and efficient device necessary in winter maintenence of roads and streets. Proper geometry of snow plow and rubber shield limits quantity of snow thrown onto vehicle window pane significantly providing operator’s work safety and comfort.


samasz_sow_plow_pss_04     Profiled design with cut edge  
samasz_sow_plow_pss_09      Slide Type I  
samasz_sow_plow_pss_06     Support wheels with smooth adjustment  
samasz_sow_plow_pss_010     Küper’s slide

Intelligent long-lastingsliding skid: of highest durability











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