Type Tornado 200 Tornado 251
Working width [cm] 200 250
Transport width min. / max. [cm 200 250
Working height 90
Number of rotors 1
Tractor’s power [HP] up to 80 up to 90
RPM 540 / 1000
Working speed up to 3 km / h
Snow blowing direction (hydraulically regulated) 360°
Distance of throwing (m) up to 10
Needed hydraulic connectors 4 (2-pair)
Dimensions [cm] Length / width / height 142 / 205 / 210 142 / 255 / 210
Weight [kg]




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Technical Details


- Metal bar
- Hydraulically steered blowing tube
- Hydraulically steered blowing distance
- Overloading clutch
- Mounting on front or rear 3-point linkage frame cat. II
- Adjustment to left or right rotation of rpm
- Slides
- Extension of blowing tube - option


Tornado 250 rotary snow blower is designed to operate with front or rear tractor’s linkage with power of more than 90 HP. It clears and blows snow for up to 30 m with possibility of loading the snow onto truck or trailer.



  Advantages of Tornado blower:

• The machine can be mounted on both tractor’s front and rear
• Support skids made of  steel sheet can be adjusted
• Blowing tube can be extended with optional adaptor (e.g. for loading snow onto trailer)
• Blowing tube can be hydraulically controlled within range of 360°
• Blower can be mounted to Western or Eastern tractors (right or left PTO rpm)
• Angle of snow blown from tube can be controlled
• Transport assembly equipped with steel sheet clips
• Protection against locking of transport assembly - transmitter shaft with friction clutch


TORNADO 250 on front linkage      








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