1. Cookies are text files that are stored on your device the end user, used by the server to recognize the user's device when you reconnect. Cookies are collected on each "input" and "output" of the site. Cookies are not used to determine the identity of users and their devices only.


2. Samasz Sp. z o.o. use of cookies to recognize and remember information about users. This allows you to more precisely identify the individual needs of the user and thus offer him services better and more suited to its requirements..


3. Cookie files can be used by Samasz Sp. z o.o  Also for the purposes of::

- Cookies allow you to use the services available through the website,

- Cookies used to ensure safety,

- Cookies collecting statistics,

- Cookies for collecting information about your use of the Website,

- Cookies allow storing user-selected settings and customize the user interface,

- Cookies allow advertising content to provide users with more tailored to their interests,

- Remember the settings chosen by the user and user interface customization,

- Remember the history of visited pages on the site for the recommendation of PAP,

- Maintain a user session website through which you do not have service on every page to retype your login and password

- Creating cart order.


4. Each user can object to the placement of cookies on the end device. To do this, the option of disabling the downloading and storing of cookies in your web browser. How to disable the ability to download and store these cookies in popular web browsers is described here.


5. Deleting cookies can lead to loss of use of some services functionality Samasz Sp. z o.o.

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