EMU 160 S - Self-collecting flail mower with grass catcher



Type EMU 160 S
Working width [m / ft] 1,60 / 5’3”
Number of knives [pcs.] 14
Number of counter knives 1 row
Necessary hydraulic couplers 1 x double acting
RPM 540
Power demand [HP] from 60
Container’s capacity [m3 / cu.ft.] 1,20 / 42
3-point hitch cat. II
Weight [kg / lbs]  710 / 1565
Max. diameter of branches to be cut [mm /in] 60 / 2 2/5’’
Discharge height [m / ft] -
PTO shaft tractor - mower: with overrunning clutch


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EMU 160 S
Thanks to lowering container for mowed grass EMU 160 S flail mower provides better visibility from the operator’s cabin. Has 1.2 m3 container which is emptied with use of tractor’s hydraulics.

Moreover, the machine can be additionally equipped with front support wheels for better soil adapting, the same as adapting roller. Height of wheels can be adjusted within 6cm range by spacers.


Flail Mowers - Mulchers are designed for works related to maintenance of municipal infrastructure, urban greenery and orchards. Machines of this type are used for mowing grass, shrubs, bushes (up  to 10 cm) and cutting weeds on uncultivated areas  to leave windrows. Particularly useful in mowing road shoulders, ditches, as well as slopes and counter-slopes. Mulchers are designed for mowing grass, shredding it into pieces and then spreading the material all over the mowed area. This enables  obtaining a natural windrow, mineralisation of floral remains and re-introducing them to the soil.



1. Drive shaft with diameter - ϕ 108 mm
2. Mulching shrubs and bushes (up to ϕ 8 cm)
3. Ground following bar with diameter
- ϕ 133 mm
4. Fair operating conditions




1. Drive shaft with diameter - ϕ 133 mm
2. Mulching shrubs and bushes (up to ϕ 8 cm)
3. Ground following bar with diameter
- ϕ 168 mm
4. Fairly difficult operating conditions




1. Drive shaft with increased diameter -
ϕ 168 mm or ϕ 203 mm (Mamut, Rio)
2. Mulching shrubs and bushes (up to ϕ 10 cm)
3. Ground following bar with diameter
- ϕ 168 mm
4. Very difficult operating conditions
5. Sliding skids and internal cover made of steel
6. Bars resistant to deflections
7. Higher durability of thick-walled drive shaft and ground folowing bar








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