1984, February





1984, March







Mechanical Engineer Antoni Stolarski becomes his own boss and opens in rented garage on Kirkor Street in Białystok his car repair shop.

At his father's insistence he builds his first potato digger.

SaMASZ manufactures and sells 15 potato diggers, employs 2 workers.


Nr. 1 Machine manufactured by SaMASZ - Potato digger.



  Very first rear drum mower 1,65 m made by SaMASZ - also at Mr. Stolarski father's advice.
90 potato diggers sold. 10 full time workers.


1984 - 88


Total 267 potato diggers manufactured and sold to Polish farmers.




Company employs 15 workers and makes rear drum mowers 1,35 m and 1,65 m. Move to Trawiasta Street. 360 sq.m. production area, 20 workers, 280 mowers sold.




SaMASZ manufactures total 1417 mowers a year and starts export to Germany.




The company sells 2704 mowers yearly. Begin of long-term business relationship with German trade company Wilhelm Fricke, Heeslingen, which lasts until now. Fricke bought in this time over 7.000  mowers and a large spare parts numbers for total more then 7,0 mln EUR. Begin of relationship with AUSAMA, Spain - 2.200 mowers sold till now. First shipments to companies Landmec and BSG, UK - over 1.300 machines delivered to British market until today



Construction of a new office building.
New drum mowers in offer, first mowers with crimpers. Sales amounts to 3390 mowers,
export reaches 44% sales. New dealers from Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Belgium and Holland.



First disc mowers appear in SaMASZ production offer. Export rises to over 60%.
Winning of new trade partners in New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Uruguay.



The offer widening by new front mowers, both drum and disc ones.



The sales record so far - 3439 mowers, 57% from them exported. Begin of manufacturing
customer parts for SKAKO, Denmark and Kverneland, Holland.



New mowers' types in production programme, new foreign customers, among them STEF- ANT and LBR from Russia.



Begin of business relationships with Italian companies MASCAR and Tonutti.

DLG Signum Test certificates for SaMASZ rear drum mowers.



DLG Signum Test 2,65 m drum mowers.

Offer is broadened by disc mowers with roller conditioners. Wider promotion of flail mowers.

20th anniversary of SaMASZ.



New sales record - 4000 mowers, 68% export.

ISO 9001 certificate and also Russian certificates for disc mowers.


2007   - Design and introduction of new series of disc mowers New Generation based on hardened cutterbar Heavy Duty. Those mowers have 2-year warranty.
- selling 300 disc mowers to Finland, which becomes, second after Germany, main SaMASZ export market.
2008   - introducing combinations MegaCUT and GigaCUT with working widths 8,60 m and 9,40 m
- broadening our offer on disc mowers with central suspension with 3 different working widths - 2,60 m, 3,00 m and 3,40 m
- introducing to the market new arm-type rear flail mower KWT
- in September 50.000th mower comes from production line
2009   - new, reorganized dealer network in Poland. Outcome - sales increase in Poland - 20% when compared to 2008.
- co-operation with company Metalfach Sokółka, the outcome of which was mutual debut of both companies on the biggest fair of agricultural machinery - AGRITECHNIKA Hannover 2009.



- Wide range of snow plows introduced to our offer,

- gold medal won at MTP Polagra-Premiery 2010 Fairs, Podlasie Brand of the Year (Podlaska Marka Roku) Award for combination of three GigaCUT 860 ST mowers.

- SaMASZ became proud sponsor of: "JAGIELLONIA BIAŁYSTOK" Football Team and "AZS BIAŁYSTOK" Volleyball Team. SaMASZ is also engaged in a long-term sponsorship of "OFF ROAD - BIAŁYSTOK" Motorcycle Club.

2011   - 1.01.2011 "SaMASZ" functions as Sp. z o.o. (Limited company) - March - gold medal won at Agrotech Agricultural Technology Fairs 2011 (Targi Techniki Rolnej Agrotech 2011), the award was handed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr. Marek Sawicki
- purchase and development of a plant at Kombatantów street, - November - SaMASZ took part in Agritechnica Fairs in Hannover - Europe's largest exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment.
2012   Technical news: - in-line rakes DUO 680 – (2-rotor)
- arm-type mowers : Koliber 400, Camel 900 and working head Lama 120. - self-collecting flail mower with container - EMU 160 S - self-collecting flail mower with high discharge - EMU 160 Up - small plows for municipal tractors - Smart and Lite 150 - snow plows TORNADO, STORM, NIVO, now featuring lifting option
PSV Up and AlpS Up , as well as new PSS Safe and PSC Safe - self-discharging gritter SAHARA, - February 3 - SaMASZ co. opened new production hall - Machining Department, - February 12 - gold medal won for mower KT 301 SH at Poznań International Fair - Polagra Premiery 2012 - August 25-30 - 50th edition of AGRA Fair in Slovenia, where SaMASZ claimed 3 silver medals for 2-rotor rakes Z2-780, tedder P6-650 rear disk mower with cultivator KT 301 SH

 Introducing new products to production:


   - light class mower – Samba with new cutterbar LiteCUT,
   - trailed rake UNO 410,
   - complementing range of flail mowers: Piko, Grino, Mamut, Rio, Kangu,
   - road sign washer Roller,
   - snow plows: light class Smart 4x4, City UP, middle class UNI and heavy class Olimp,
   - trailed gritter Gobi,
   - we are the sponsor of prizes in "Rolnik roku 2013" (Farmer of the Year 2013) and "Nasz Sołtys"

     (Our Village Leader) competitions
   - we get awards: Superfirm 2013, 1st place in Nationwide Competition SIMP for the best

     technical achievement 2012,
   - we are introducing automated welding stations at our works,
   - the Saphir company becomes our exclusive importer in Germany,
   - we take part in the biggest fairs and shows abroad: Agritechnika Hannover, Sima Paris, Lamma Show.


1. We launched production of new machines:
- Mixer feeders and bale wrappers,
- Range of new disk mowers with light-weight conditioner, e.g. KDT 260SL, KDD 861SL, KDF 300SL, etc.,
- New models of mowers Samba 160, 200, 280,
- Trailed 4-rotor tedder P4-530 C,
- Light-weight side flail mowers KBR 120L and 140L,
- Trailed 1-rotor rake UNO 470,
- Extension arm KWT 651,
- Flail heads with slide fitting and drive Lama 121 and Lama 141,
- Middle class snow ploughs with inclined shield RAM,
- Truck snow ploughs with plastic shield POLI,
- Middle class snow ploughs with inclined shields PoweR,
2. Our company employs more than 600 persons.
3. Our company includes 62 entities in Poland and over 100 abroad.
4. We received numerous prizes and awards, i.e.: "Agricultural-Education-Friendly Company 2014", "Disabled-Friendly Employer 2014", "Super Company 2014", "Pride of Podlasie 2014".
5. Our SaMASZ team finished 2nd in football League III of the 6th edition of the Białystok Sports League.
6. We were proud sponsor of the "Farmer of the Year 2014" and "Our Village Mayor"competitions, "Jagiellonia Białystok" Football Club, Off-road Białystok team and many other sports events.
7. We took part in the largest trade shows abroad: Sima Paris, Fima Saragossa, Lamma Show England, Agromek Denmark, Farm Show USA and the largest national shows: Polagra Premiery, Agroshow Bednary, Agrotech Kielce.
8. We started our expansion onto new foreign markets: USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Algeria, Uruguay, Moldova.
9. We celebrated the SaMASZ 30th Anniversary
10. We have extended our machine park, purchased welding robots, shot blasting machines, etc.


1. We launched production of new machines:

- Disk mower with light-weight conditioner and conveyor  BiCUT 301 SLTH,
- Trailed disk mower KDC 341,
- Front disk mower Toro 300,
- 2-rotor rake Z2-840,
- In-line rake DUO 740,
- Self-collecting flail mower Ibis 150,
- Comb side-delivery rake Twist 600,
- 1-rotor rake Z-440,
- Circular saws PT3-190, PT4-250,
- Flail mower Grino 160,
- Gritter Sahara 200,
- Gritter Vortex 600
2. We received prizes and awards: Market Leader 2015, Eagles of Export 2015, Index of Polish Business Patriotism 2015, 2nd place in “The Best Technical Achievement 2014” competition, Agricultural-Education-Friendly Company 2014, President of the Board, Mr. Antoni Stolarski has been awarded the title of Manager of the Year 2014.
3. We set the Guinness World Record “The largest grassland area mowed with a combination of 3 disk mowers within 8 hours.”. – 96.2 ha.
4. We took part in the largest trade shows abroad: Sima Paris, New York Farm Show, Agritechnica Hannover, Agrokomplex Slovenia, Agra Slovenia, Ag Progress Days USA, Empire Farm Days USA, and the largest national shows:  Agrotech Kielce, Agro Show Bednary, Arena Agro in Ostróda.
5. We are starting exports to: Albania, Algeria, New Zealand and Canada.

6. We opened our official representative office SaMASZ North America, LLC. From April 2015 SaMASZ machinery is delivered regularly to the US.

7. In the peak season, our company employs 675 persons.


1. We launched the production of new machines:

- KDT 341 rear-side disk mower
- TORO 260 and TORO 340 front disk mowers
- P10-1200 trailed tedder
- Z-301 and Z-351 rakes
- UNO 440 trailed rake
- MIDO 200 flail mower
- VORTEX 600 gritter
2. Laying of foundation stone for the construction of a new SaMASZ Factory in Zabłudów (22.10.2016)
New Factory in numbers:
• planned employment of approximately 1,400 workers
• development area: 13 ha
• area of production halls with office : 4 ha
• Research and Development Centre

The planned completion of the construction works in Q4 2017
3. We received prizes and awards:
Agricultural-Education-Friendly Company 2015, Eastern Poland Top Employer 2016, Order of Merit for Agriculture and Badge of Honour for contributions to the Podlaskie Voivodeship for the President of the SaMASZ Sp. z o.o. Board, Cup of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for the whole activity, Golden Medal at Polagra Premiery 2016 and Golden Medal – Consumers' Choice, the Eagles of Export in Podlaskie Voivodeship award in the Most Dynamic Exporter and Innovative Export Product categories.
4. We take part in the major fair events abroad:
Expo-Charms, Canada; Agromek, Denmark; Elmia Lantbruk, Sweden; KoneAgria, Finland; SIPSA, Algeria; Dyrskun, Norway; Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show; AgroTechniek, the Netherlands; Norla Rendsburg, Germany; AGRA, Slovenia; Ag Progress Days, USA; Agrokomplex Nitra, Slovakia; Tour de Holland; Ka Pasesi, Lithuania; Techagro Brno, the Czech Republic, and major domestic fair events: Polagra Premiery, Agrotech Kielce, Agro Show Bednary, CTR in Nadarzyn.
5. We start exports of our machines to: Israel, Norway, Cyprus, Serbia.
1. We are launching the production of new products:
- XT 390 rear disc mower with central suspension
- P10-1200 trailed carousel tedder
- NANO 150 Hydro front flail mower
- MIDO 140, 160, 180, 220 series of light flail mowers
- KW 126 and KW 111 heavy class flail heads
- KANGU 220 flail mower
- JUMP 280 single-blade heavy duty snowplough
 2. We are winning awards and distinctions:
the Mazowiecki Laurel of Entrepreneurship in the category of Entrepreneurship on the global market, the Consumer Laurel for the Tango 730 2-carousel rake, the KRUS Safety Sign for the Z-410 rake, the Kurier Poranny Award – the Innovator of the 10th Anniversary 2016, the Exhibition Hit for the P6-651 tedder during the 14th Regional Breeding Animal Exhibition in Szepietów, the Innovative Agricultural Product 2017 of the editorial office of the Farmer magazine for the XT 390 disc mower, the Exporter of the Year 2016 (2nd place) and the Investor of the Year 2016 (3rd place) of the Podlaska Golden Hundred, the Company’s Hit of the Year 2018 in the Agricultural Report for the XT 390 disc mower, the Gold Medal Bird Warsaw EXPO for the XT 390 disc mower, the “Polagra Premiery” Audience Award
3. We are participating in the largest foreign and domestic trade fairs:
Space France, Sima France, Keystone Farm Show USA, Q8 Oils Spring Farm Machinery Show Millstreet Ireland, Lamma United Kingdom, Agrartage Rheinhessen Germany, Cimag Gandagro Spain, FTMTA Ireland, Agra 2017 Bulgaria, New York Farm Show USA, RMV The Netherlands, Ka Pasesi 2017 Lithuania, PAVASARIS 2017 Latvia, Agra Germany, Alföldi Állattenyésztési Napok Hungary, ROYAL HIGHLAND United Kingdom, Libramont Belgium, Empire Farm Days USA, Szentlőrinci Gazdanapok Hungary, Expo-Champs Canada, Norla Germany, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show Canada, Groen Techniek The Netherlands, Mela Germany, Agrarische dagen Asten The Netherlands, Lauksaimniecības Tehnika Latvia, Agritechnica Germany and the largest national trade fairs: Agrotech Kielce, Agro Show Bednary, CTR in Nadarzyn, Mazurian Agro Show, Ferma Łódź.
4. We are starting to export machines to: South Africa, Israel, Australia, Paraguay, Macedonia
5. We are organising Meadow Manoeuvres – a series of demonstrations of the work of greening machines. In the meadows, one could see and test the latest disc mowers, rakes and tedders. About 3,000 people visited us during 9 meetings. We organised Meadow Manoeuvres together with the following dealers:
·       Korbanek Tarnowo Podgórne (Greater Poland Voivodeship)
·       BHS Goleniów (West Pomeranian Voivodeship)
·       Rolmech Płońsk (Mazovian Voivodeship)
·       Agromasz Rzekuń (Mazovian Voivodeship)
·       Korbanek Karniewo (Mazovian Voivodeship)
·       Agro-Plus Bogate (Mazovian Voivodeship)
·       Fricke Mrągowo (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship)
·       Roltop Oddział Dzierzgoń (Pomeranian Voivodeship)
·       Contractus (Podlaskie Voivodeship)
·       Jaskot Siekierczyn (Lower Silesian Voivodeship)
·       AgroRolnik Śniadowo (Podlaskie Voivodeship)
·       Rol-Mech Radymno (Podkarpackie Voivodeship)
6. We are changing the graphic design of the logo
7. During the most important agricultural trade fair in the world, Agritechnica in Hanover, we have the largest ever stand with an area of 456 m2 and, as the first and only company, we are organising the International Press Conference in the Conference Centre of the Fair.
8. In the new headquarters in Zabłudów we are organising the first SaMASZ Christmas Eve Meeting.


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