Loading shovel



Working width [cm] 150
Clearing bar height [cm] 60
Span/max. fork dimensions [cm/ft] 60 / 17 x 5.5
Dimensions [cm]
length 1550 mm
width 1500 mm
height 550 mm
Sand container’s capacity [m3] 0,7
Weight [kg / lbs] 180 / 397


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Technical Details


Plows and Loader Buckets for Forklift Trucks



  • snow plow is equipped with a container, which when full is used to ballast front  wheels and a store sand,
  • clearing blade is equipped with a rubber   trim to protect its surface against scratches  and is adjustable to operate in three positions,
  • bucket is specially designed for forklift trucks and can be used to transport granular substances as: stones, sand, sweepings, snow, etc.,
  • bucket is emptied by unleashing a latch with a link,
  • once fork is lowered bucket returnsto its operating position automatically.







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