Type OLIMP 300     OLIMP 330 OLIMP 300 Up OLIMP 300 Up H
Working width min./max. [cm] 263 / 300 290 / 330 263 / 300 263 / 300
Transport width min./max. [cm] 315 / 285 345 / 312 315 / 285 278 / 320
Shield’s height [cm] 118 / 132 118 / 134 118 / 132 118 / 132
Hydraulic turning angle right and lef up to 30°
Number of the clearing bars (pcs) 4
Angle of attack
Needed hydraulic connectors  2 (1 pair)
Dimensions [cm] Length / width / height 135 / 315 / 140 135 / 345 /142 135 / 315 / 140 135 / 315 / 140
Mounting type - Municipal plate EN 15432 F1+F2 (DIN 76060 Size 3 -A+B)
Inclined clearing bars + Hyd. overload protection + Torn off bolts in mounting frame (only in version with mounting frame
Weight [kg] 900 925 1050 1105


Due to its strategy of continuous development, SaMASZ reserves the right to change technical data at any time and without any notice. All operational data and graphical materials found at our website are for reference only. Some of the equipment items are optional and not included in the standard equipment. For more details concerning warranty, safety and products, please contact your local SaMASZ dealer.

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Technical Details


Standard equipment: Additional equipment:

• Steel or rubber clearing bar

• Hydraulically controlled shield

• Frame / hitch on tractor's front 3-point linkage

• Hydraulic overload safety device

• Clearance lighting LED 12 - 24V

• Electric connector 12V

• Support leg

• Safety bumpers

• Rubber clearing bar

• Steel clearing bar 10 mm / 20 mm / perforated

• Polyurethane clearing bar

• Frame / adaptor

• Support wheels - set

• Slides / Küper's slides - set

• Multifunctional control

• Warning flags with clamps - set


Heavy duty class snow plows Olimp have been specially designed to operate in the most difficult weather conditions. They do well in mountainous areas and places with heavy snowfalls.


 They are used for clearing snow from:

- carriageways,

- roadways,

- squares,

- parking lots.



As compared with AlpS 301, Olimp 300 features:

• Blades higher by approx. 200 mm

• Extended spacing of shield hinges

by 100 mm (higher and stronger hitch)

• Turret higher by 100 cm

• Strengthened design of shield beams

• Standard-delivered safety overload device for shield cylinders

• Strengthened lower blades with 16 mm thick metal sheet


Owing to application of engineering solutions, strengthened design and large size, Olimp is able to clear high snow drifts easily.
Removable shield guards and turret prevent the vehicle's front glass pane from being covered with snow.
Mountable on tractor's front 3-point linkage Cat. II
Rubber, metal or perforated metal clearing bar.
_7263017 Olimp series might be equipped with spring-inclined rubber or metal clearing bars, which are placed in blade's lower section. These are independently inclined backwards when driving onto a curb, manhole or other obstacle. Such solution at first allows absorbing a potential hitting an obstacle underneath the snow with height no greater than 120 mm, and then altering blade-angle to a negative value and slipping the plow above the obstacle.
Hydraulic overload safety device causes the shield to be surrendered on exceeding the allowable overload to prevent the plow from being damaged.
Clearance lights feature the LED technology
Integrated electrical socket.
Plows are delivered with high quality support wheels made in Germany. Application of the wheels allows smooth adjustment of plow's working height in relation to the surface being cleared from snow.
Slides feature smooth height adjustment in relation to the ground.
Küper's slide - "intelligent", long-lasting and highly durable sliding skid









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Po wyposażeniu w płozę metalową może również służyć do:

- równania dróg gruntowych,

- usuwania obornika,

- Tworzenia pryzm kiszonki, itp.

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