Vortex - tractor gritter



Type Vortex 600 Vortex 600 E
Working width [m] 1,5 - 8
Transport width min. / max. [cm] 100 / 126 / 130
Attachment 3 - point linkage cat. II
Tractor’s power [HP] up to 60
max. working speed [km / h] up to 12 km / h
max. transport speed [km / h] up to 25 km / h
Capacity [dm3] 600 - 1000 * (option)
Dimensions [cm] Length / width / height 100 / 126 / 1301,5
Weight [kg] 200

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Technical Details

Professional Gritter Vortex

Gritter VORTEX is designed to spread sand and salt mixes on public roads and pavements. Disk-type spreading system ensures even and accurate material spreading on roadways, pavements and other roads. Spreading rate, width (up to 8.00 m) and direction are electrically controlled from tractor's cabin. The machine is attached to 3-point linkage Cat. II and then driven by PTO shaft. The gritter can be fitted with an extension (option) to increase its capacity by 400 L.






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